Magyar Német Olasz Lengyel


Catholic faith and morality applications

Dear Parents

2013th State primary schools from September 1 and 5 class, ascending system, must be introduced ethics. Under the Law on Freedom of Conscience for parents to choose its content: that is, Catholic children to Catholic faith and ethics teaching may be required. It is responsible for the education of the parish, which is in the school.

Your child will go to public elementary school located within the parish of St. Stephen's Basilica (or walk).

The first grade of enrollment, parents must indicate their choice in writing. If not declared, so children will learn about ethics.

We are please to think that their children, who were baptized at the same time, the Church of God and promised that Catholic education is given. This is now readily available to all catechists in the parish. Make use of our service.

Be May 20, the fourth grade parents to log in faith and ethics education. Application form to ensure the school.

Faith - and morality left greets you in choosing Catholic fraternal greetings:

György Snell