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Don Bosco has come to us!

Section 15 o'clock rolled into the square in front of the truck carrying artifact basilica, where the parish priest George Snell, was waiting for a group of enthusiastic young people.

After greeting the first Albertfalva Don Bosco Catholic Primary School students presented the relic in the presence of extremely high quality, religious-themed musicals and pantomime performances, and the faithful came to the relic.
By six o'clock the basilica was packed when Péter Cardinal Forest, primate, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest unveiled festive Holy Mass in honor of St. John Bosco relic's presence. The bishop, who is patron of the centenary of the Salesians, talked to Don Bosco not only short educational impact on young people, but also had problems to find their place in life. The personal manifestation of human love, we need to really unfold and become people who love others and this can also be passed - to put it.


As said St. John Bosco turned to a special love for neglected children and young people in order to bring to them of Christ, and for love to be able to care for the young people with whom you did not deal with the other.

The cardinal pointed out, ignorance, lack of education and lack of education can become a burden to the people for a life who will help get rid of this, witness the great love, great mercy does. St. John Bosco in human development and deepening of faith led by the young people - he added.

Peter Erdő noted around the world for many, many millions of children affected is still the greatest poverty, Hungary, and unfortunately there are those who go from home to school, not to have breakfast and many of them parents did not care.

St. John Bosco in Turin could mediate between the opposing, was solved by the extension of revulsion when Italy was not unified politically, not existed and could be a bridge between civil society and the community of believers. This type of testimony is very topical today - emphasized.


She pointed out that the members of the Salesian order reached all corners of the world, particularly Latin America performed an important service in many countries. "Providence just like you to answer for Europe through their new Holy Father in Latin America received the good news of Christ in Rome. (...) All of the people is all about people, and no one loses their face and identity with to open the hearts of the to others "- he said.

After the Mass, the University Church in Budapest Don Bosco Youth choir and orchestra are composed of lectures presented their name lives, and have demonstrated their fidelity to the end of St. John Bosco.

Meanwhile, the Basilica of thick, dense rows of worshipers come to pay their homage to the father of youth and master mind. There were people who could barely break away from her, so captivated by them.


At half past nine torchlight procession marched through the participants' DJ of Mary Help of Christians Chapel, and finally arrive at the Vienna Road 175 Salesian Provincial belonging situated below the 22 o'clock welcomed the relic, and community prayer vigil was held at night.

Source: MTI