Magyar Német Olasz Lengyel


Letter from parocho Father

Respect and warm welcome in 2013, in my pastoral letter. I feel obliged to sum up the past year 2012 important events, and look forward a little, what can we expect parish in 2013.

I think the world in 2012 was not an easy year, brought many difficulties all over the world. Economic crisis, a lack of understanding, pitfalls. Meanwhile, we tried to understand the Divine Providence operates the most difficult times. The many prayers that God takes your soul, strength, courage gives everyday for carrying the cross. In the first half of a well-prepared Easter First Communion children after a promising sign for the future. Even in the first half of the year we celebrated Dr. Attila Farkas sixty years of priesthood of Fr. Parish deacon prepared young brother, Andrew Silicones received the sacrament of Holy Communion clergy, and introduced the first szentmiséjét Basilica. Encouraging increase in the number of participants in the celebrations, but rather the large number of confessions. Pm each day. Between 4 and 6 can be confession. Large numbers of young people involved in youth catechism - hopes for the future. Thank God, all marriages, baptisms and the number is growing. Oct. 11 to have a longer duration than one year, the Pope wrote to the Year of Faith. We try to do everything possible to find the brothers return to God by faith. Lammas has been chaplain Father Zoltan Papp Laszlo next Gájer chaplain Father is received. Their youth, enthusiasm serious pastoral opportunity opens up.

Although, unfortunately, at the cost of great sacrifices our parishioners so they can survive, so we can help plébániánkat addition to their strong financial ones as well. In everyday life, it is enough for us. The Basilica maintenance workers necessary for the payment of income is tourism. I am trying to host a good care of every dollar to catch a lot of money consuming things we can accomplish. In 2012, the largest investment in the basilica was closed with wrought-iron fence, which is the desired result: no more tourists to the area around the cathedral and tourist littering the place. The fence is aesthetically every need. Preparation of a new basilica collection of treasures 2 floor. Riches and world class scenery. We have improved the parish under the cellar, which II. As John Paul II created a multifunctional tasks. 45 persons seminary, film screenings, lectures used, I believe that the satisfaction of the users. In addition, continued amplification of the renewal of the basilica, which this year will hopefully projector monitors the Mass texts will be completed.

And we went in this year's plans. Leadership, one of the great plan of the basilica accessible. We tried to solve every way, but there was no feasible or her permission to do so. This year, completed the construction plans, which are to be implemented. The basilica is the north side of a "Lift House" based on which you can go to -2. floor where wheelchair is also possible to go to another elevator that takes you to the basilica. Will be a huge task, and the lower level there is much to be converted to renovate it in operation. I believe that this year it takes place. The other two existing elevator renovation is inevitable, it is safe to operate.

Good news is that National Shrine, Mátraverebély Szentkút complete renovation of the time, probably in the early summer Szentkúti Virgin Mary Statue Shrine temporarily bazilikánkban, Chapel of the Holy Right, will be located next to the Holy Right. I am sure that many of the statue of the Blessed Mother Shrine during this period will attract. Maybe it's all our plans for this year. With grateful love to thank both spiritual and material support wholeheartedly wish for this year is God's abundant blessings, to health, joy!

Love, prayer, catholic fraternal greetings,

Budapest, the Cathedral, the 2013th

George Snell, parocho