Magyar Német Olasz Lengyel


'The Good Shepherd''

If the pastor ...

Hard to please everyone, or even impossible. That is the reason the pastors who are doing just about anything, someone was surely not. In fact:
  • to preach more loudly, yelling at you.
  • If the usual 10 minutes longer preaches it wordy.
  • when speaking normally, then people will not understand anything.
  • if you own a car, and then worldly-minded.
  • If no car, no moving with the times.
  • If the members of the parish visitor, you sniff.
  • when families visit, they are never home.
  • If your home is, you can not visit families.
  • If money talks, then greedy.
  • If you collect the benefit of church, people will pull out of his pocket money.
  • if you do not settle ceremony, then nothing happens.
  • If you are organizing celebrations, you can not sit still.
  • If a thorough confession, you confess slowly.
  • if you confess quickly, it is not a good priest.
  • If the mass is exactly the start, then hurry on time.
  • If you start later, it holds up the faithful.
  • renováltatja if the church is to spend money unnecessarily.
  • if you do not build that, then let it all go wrong.
  • if you're young, you do not have experience.
  • If you are elderly, you can go now retired.
  • If he dies, he will not take it.