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World Day of Tourism Management programs in the Basilica

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, respectively. guides this year, the 12th connect time for 2013. from 22 February - 24 held by the World Tourism Day Leadership programs which gives Basilica of locations.
Leadership programs which gives Basilica of locations.
St. Stephen's Basilica programs:
2013th on 23 February.
16.30 - International day of the tour guide welcoming ceremony
George Snell canon of the Holy Right Guard says a toast
- Remembering deceased fellow tour guide, greetings to those who are with them in spirit only in the event and
- Greetings from Hungary directed guiding days in the cities of the world

Concert: Virágh András Gábor Pest organist and the Jesuit Church of the Sacred Heart Musica Sacra Choir under the baton of conductor Tamás Rónaszéki

1, J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C major
2, Tallis O Scarum Convivium
3, Weelkes: When David Heard
4, Haydn's St. Cecilia Mass - You Laudamus
5, Schubert, in Monte Oliveto
6, Haydn: Stabat Mater - Quist non Posse
7, Gounod: Ave verum
8, Bizet: Agnus Dei
9, Deak-Bardos: Eli, Eli
10 Liszt: Hosannah
11, Webber's Requiem - Pie Jesu
12 Rachmaninov: Ave Maria
13 Bruckner: Ave Maria
14, Bortniansky: due poem
15, Vierne: Finale
Artists: Andrew Virágh Gabor - organist (1, 10, 15), the Budapest Musica Sacra Choir Heart of Jesus Church
Solo singing: Vamos Catherine (4, 6, 8, 11, 14) and Sapszon Ursula (11)
Accompanied by organ: Zita Nauratyill
Conductor: Thomas Rónaszéki
Location: St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest, V. St. Stephen's Square
17.30 - After the concert program
- New Treasury of St. Stephen's Basilica - presentation projection
- A Treasury of St. Stephen's Basilica tour guide in groups of 20 Bukta Norbert painter and art historian Gergely Kovács, National Museum of collaboration
The groups depending on the weather come up to the Tower on Panorama.

There is no admission fee for the event, the concert is free.
The program Dósáné Imreh zsuzsanna Tourism referent coordinates of the Basilica.

2013th 24 February
St. Stephen's Basilica building traversal
Budapest. Sun Szent István tér 1

Departure: 13.00, 14.00, 15.00 and 16.00 hours

14.00-walk to explore the building of elementary students
Led by Adorján Juhász catechist, St. Stephen's Basilica secretary

16:00 am Walk starts in English only
Led by
Antal Péter Katalin