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Religious informations

The sacrament of marriage

The sanctity of marriage, the spouses of permanent and exclusive bond created, so the marriage is indissoluble. This sacrament helps the spouses to an orderly family life, faith, God's will be able to live and raise children to accept responsibility.

The disclosure of the sacraments in the parish should be sought where the couple wants to marry. Before the intended date of the wedding is about. 4-8 months should register for the parish. In order for the sacrament to be disclosed at least one party must be a Roman Catholic rite. The wedding should provide guidance on the necessary administrative issues.

The married couple are facing due to be prepared, it is to be carried out in accordance with local custom, but it can not last for too long. The wedding of the diocesan Table "stole fees" are set.

Sort marriage

Catholics purely civil marriage in many cases, even after many years, can be arranged, can be a valid sacramental marriage.

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