Magyar Német


Ecumenical week of prayer for the unity of the faithful

2014. January 19 and 26 held between the faithful ecumenical unity held imahetet . The national week of prayer in honor of God opening in Budapest...

Peter Erdő remember St. Margaret's Sunday outdoor Mass in the context of

Árpád dynasty St. Margaret's celebrated on January 18, heavenly birthday. Over the past two decades has become a tradition that on Margaret Island...

XIII. Advent Choral Festival

2013. November 30 7:00 pm at the Basilica.

St. Elizabeth Daily Mail Merge

The Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference of St. Elizabeth Arpad , the charitable love and the feast of saint of the Catholic Caritas settled o...

Completed years of faith in Esztergom- Budapest Archdiocese

Cardinal Peter Erdő on November 17 , closed on Sunday in the St. Stephen 's Basilica, celebration of Mass in the year of the faith of Esztergom - ...

Closure of the Year of Faith Esztergom-Budapest Archdiocese

2013. November 17, Sunday will be the hit of the year closing ceremony of Esztergom - Budapest Archdiocese. A celebratory Mass at 10 am, Cardinal P...

April 27. saint XXIII inaugurated. John and II. John Paul

On September 30, at 10 am in consistory hall of the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the daycare imaóra, Francis Pope ordinary public consistory held two ...

Holy Mass at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Memorial Day.

2013. September 5, Thursday at 6:00 pm at the St. Stephen's Basilica Alberto Bottari de Castello, Hungary apostolic nuncio presents Mass.

Péter Erdő special delegate of the Pope traveled to Lithuania

The Lithuanian Evangelism 600 Pope anniversary celebration of Franz special delegate of the Republic of Lithuania on Wednesday traveled Péter Erd...

Let's pray together

Feast of St. Stephen's 20 August 2013. at 5.00. pm.

Hungarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra Concert

2013. July 24, 20:00 am at the St. Stephen's Basilica.

Personnel changes in Esztergom-Budapest Archdiocese

Peer Erdő, Cardinal Primate, Archbishop of Esztergom - Budapest, the following personnel changes decided on the main diocese:Retirements


The Choir of Westminster Abbey 25. June 2013. 8.00 am.

Mozärt: Mass in C-minor

St. Stephen's Basilica 2013. June 19, 8:30 am.

American Choral Concert

2013. June 12, Wednesday, 7:00 am at the St. Stephen's Basilica.

The home dioceses join the worldwide adoration

On June 2, Sunday, the Pope will lead the worldwide adoration of faith is a central event in the year. Rome, St. Peter's Basilica in the afternoon ...

Don Bosco has come to us!

Section 15 o'clock rolled into the square in front of the truck carrying artifact basilica, where the parish priest George Snell, was waiting for...

Szendi murals, poems Szendi

2013. April 25 (Thursday) at 3:00pm Dobrava book Tibor Antal (Peter Prokop painter - poet Thomas Fire) by Tutorial Hall of Knights of St. Stephen's...

Don Bosco is coming to us!

St. John Bosco relic pilgrimage around the world on May 17, arriving in Hungary. Already visited many countries, many communities were present and ...