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Happy IV. Karl Blessing herm

2013. April 1. Happy IV on , Easter Mass was held Monday at 10 am in the celebration. King Charles herm shrine blessing. The relics preserved in the Basilica of George Snell herm priest blessed to have been placed John Babus artist and St. Adalbert's altar. The consecration is said Gregory Smith posztulátor festive toast.
Providential that King Charles Happy heavenly birthday this year coincides with Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection. The sacred relic, and respect for his Christian faith the same mystery, the same eternal perspective of our life celebrating every day of the year: Easter good wishes as well as the old saying of "Happy Resurrection!"

King Charles, when he became engaged to Zita, who a few years ago also started the beatification process, sacramental marriage is a unique living program for elected: "From now on each other mutually to heaven leads us" to relikvia, Herman shaping well for the eternal expanse of directing our attention enough let us remember the illustrious Hungarian hermákra: St. Ladislaus herm sumptuous Győr, Székesfehérvár, St. Stephen, Zagreb kalocsai or herm. In addition to these masterpieces of sacred kings eyes pointed at the upstairs ingredients. The same look can be discovered by Charles Happy New hermáján is now blessed.


After Herman Hallows is the most prestigious ereklyefajták Christ our Lord, it is very important that the new creation. Recently, when the martyr-Hitvallóink ​​been reported in newspapers, short I received a letter, that's just it said: "You do not really think" to this question I would like to briefly respond Festive Greeting.

Bless and do not place a statue inauguration, and in particular non-royalist party or Habsburg restoration, but also to witness the new herm. Witness that is Resurrection of the Savior and the grace of God, there is a relationship between the Church and the glorified earthly pilgrimage with it. For a quick look through this hermának a practical reality, it can experience that not only we who are here, but the guardians of God is meant that the most Blessed Charles relic of the world such a special hermába busy enriching national szentélyünket the St. Stephen's Basilica.

Happy II. John Paul last beatification in October 2004 took place last papal recognition of the Hungarian king apostolic holiness. Then two rib bones had been removed Blessed Charles Madeira érckoporsójából. 300 of these were small bone fragments are alone in Rome and Vienna, enriched by a large 2-3 cm csonttöredékkel. Then we decided to Hungary to participate for a bone may be more, and already we claim a dignified reliquary through the Bishop of Rome posztulátoron of Funchal in Madeira. When it arrived the following year bordacsontereklye, did not want to believe our eyes, it was so great, as that would not have dared to dream, almost 9 inches in size. Forest Mr. Peter G. Szabo cardinal canon, former parish priest of the Cathedral recipient of this famous relic, which the king happy heart closest to bone parts. My wife and I organized jointly conducted a scientific examination of the rib bone, which was carried out at the National Museum anthropologist Ms ery. Here's Basilica and began the final location of the artifact and the holder of organization.

To make this reliquary is of paramount importance foglalhassuk the artifact had a lot of enthusiastic people work. Father George openness, support and material basis in addition to the creator, John poppet and constant patron, Piroska Nagy, and Charles King Imaliga president Gustav believed in the material and moral engagement. We have to mention those who have contributed to the creative process of various moments in their thoughts and their work:
- Michael von Habsburg-Lothringen Archduke, president of the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, who has participated in the acquisition of the relic, probably could not have succeeded without it,
- Pandula Martin Attila Demeter award-historians,
- National Museum of the Little Red Riding Hood by Biczó archaeologist Sue Kollár, Lajos Pallós Gödölle Matthias and expertise in museology,
- Metal-Art Foundry and free workers, and the Basilica of many dear colleague.


If our fruit in its many maze of Holies or even success look, honestly I have to admit that it's a lot of human effort and become useless would be because the great truths of what the Psalmist sings: "Except the Lord build the house, in vain exhausted, he build it "(Psalm 127.1) - and this is all we have experienced. Therefore, I am confident that God will fulfill them taken seriously, and the result of his far superior to what that might have been us. As for me, this experience, I think the experience of God's greatest gifts, I want to thank God for!

My thought when Herman sole final copper díszfeliratát formulated. Therefore, the non-contributors are listed, but Peter Woods Cardinal donation letter engraved on it by mid-year 2005, the XIV. Sunday dated. Ore Vest, lest it be lost in the "degree" is like parchment letter written certification from the Holy Right Kálmán era. This final disc is not visible, Herman and altar flanked and hide, so let me tell you that one extra sentence belecsempésztük the interim XIV. Sunday Gospel from Section:

"Jugum Meum suave est, et Onus Meum juice."
"My yoke is sweet and my burden is light."

I was very happy about this mysterious perikópának triple point, I want to close with this thought three festive köszöntőmet.
The original sense of the mystery of Easter warning. But the king be applied to Blessed Charles life and especially in the sacrament of marriage for whom it will be given to like them deep and full consort relationship, knows how sweet and substantially ease with which a double bond, which has been in the ground-ceasing, eternal love might be formed, and thus the image of God is heaven - with God resemblance - unfold it. And finally, the third, metaphorical sense as you get him started this altar, which, as you would welcome a new burden that Herman and ring, and solemnly as marble and metal meets the ear whisper saved lives secret of eternal meaning and perspective of :

"Come to me, all who labor and those who carry is a burden - I will give you rest. Dry my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and soul You can find tranquility. For my yoke is sweet and my burden is light. "(Mt 11,30)


Merry King Charles, pray for us - it can be worthy of the promises of Christ! Amen.