Magyar Német Olasz Lengyel


Lent collecting non-perishable food to the Basilica.

The Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference is now traditional at this year's Lent lasting food-gathering organized at the national level. The donation pep circular, which was below our public, our country is read in all Catholic churches on 24 February, Sunday.
Ancient tradition of the Church, the Lenten mortification saved believers in Christ during their goods given to the poor. Reviving this tradition and habit developed over the last few years continued in this year's Lent lasting food collected brothers and sisters in need.

Please bring non-perishable food donations to the Holy Mass and to take their place in the church dedicated. This can be done in the next week and the following Sunday Masses on weekdays, from March 3 to 10. Donations to the Catholic charity would be sent to those who need it. Telephone line donations can join in the work of the charity to help. If you call the phone number in the year 1356, HUF 500 per call to help. The minimum donation to the charity miracle takes place among us.

May God bless our families helpful! Many thanks to all our brothers benevolent donation.

Budapest, 2013th February 18

Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference