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Péter Erdő at the XVI Cardinal Forest. Pope Benedict said Mass

Presented to the St. Stephen's Basilica, the 2013th On 24 February, the 2nd of Lent Sunday. (Luke 9.28 b-36)
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

The Gospel of today's Mass we read about the miracle of the Transfiguration. We are told that he takes Peter, James and John, and leads them to a special high mountain. St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the wake of the Camp throughout the Middle Ages, was considered the tip of the Mount of Transfiguration. Rightly wonder why Jesus wanted to show the color change is a wonderful event for students. Many of the Fathers of the Church is responding to this vigasztalnia had them since we went to Jerusalem, as it has been foretold suffering. This in turn had to endure to become stronger in their faith. To do so we can live up to that in the Gospel (cf. Mt 16.27) Jesus promises that he will come in the glory of the Father and his angels affordable for everyone according to his works. This glory is the experiential glimpse of the color change is possible.

Christ is present among us today. Promised us every day to the end. The radiant light of his person, the joy of it flowing through us wants to show to the whole world. Divine providence generous to us. Great popes gave to us who live and signs of hope in the world. II. After Pope John Paul II was the ministry's response of grace today's problems, complexity and challenges of moving.

Holy Father's first encyclical Deus Caritas Est began with words (2005th December 25). God is love, and he who lives in love, lives in God, and God in him (cf. 1 Jn 4:16). Pope Benedict's great theologians of our time. Not abstract ideals or ethical decisions derives from the Christian life, but an encounter. The fact that encounter with an event, a person, which opens new perspectives for life. Christ's disciples are the people who believed in God's love (cf. Jn 3:16; Deus Caritas Est 1). Christianity by accepting the centrality of love in one's life, a new depth, a new expansion gives itself the supreme command by the chosen people's prayer every day recall: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your strength (cf. Dt 6.4 to 5)! Then we recognized the God in fact, if all our energies and all képességünkkel love him. This is expressed, that we owe everything to him that the world would be without him, he turns to me personally, as calls us, and do not forget about us. So over the universe, omnipotent, personal and people with faith in a loving God let's face it most, but if you try to love Him with all our energy. This extends to the passionate pursuit of the creature as well. Created the world and man himself, who was so kind to God. Thus, the support of our love, our love of man, if indeed consistent, if you do not know opportunism, infinity confession of our faith in God.

But Pope Benedict's love and faith in the relationship after another great encyclical on Christian hope focuses. The circular letter Spe Salvi (2007th Nov. 30) Holy Father in faith and hope of connection, unity starts from (Spe Salvi 2). St. Peter's first epistle the apostle quotes, which is today's Christians says, "Be always ready to megválaszoljatok those who reménységetek reason they ask you" (1 Peter 3:15). The encyclical is a brief mention in almost all of the new evangelization program gives. Because this task, it is attractive, it is terribly difficult and it is the only really important. Today people need face-to-face clearly say that what we hope for. Not korholnunk be the times in which we live. Do not be sad about the way they distorted the world. Although terrible things to fall today, our message of hope itself. Not a foggy field in prosperity or economic growth we are alone, but for eternal life. We believe in the bodily resurrection. We believe that our life on earth is not destroyed halálunkkal individual. We believe that mankind not only processes of the universe game, but a benevolent divine plan beteljesítője. We believe that the task of humanity is to have purpose and meaning of our existence beyond the visible world. And we believe and experience, that this hope is here on earth more peaceful, beautiful, responsible and makes life creator. But we are not ordinary things. Not only St. Peter's age, but still feel free to ask questions anyone: it's nice to hope for, but it was based on what? And then the existence of God is open to a wider horizon of our knowledge appears in the cross, the cross of Christ, his death and resurrection. Appears in the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth, whom the community of the disciples and the Church's tradition of historical continuity leads. Appears in the "sweet Nazareth" (St. Teresa). And hear the words that are among the people, the people of faith and expectation only really be understood. And towering cross of Jesus and his resurrection dawns. Because if he had not, then our faith is in vain (1 Cor 15:14). If, however, risen, then it all comes to life (cf. Rom 15.21). Because this should be published in all the power now, not getting lost in the details. It is necessary to estimate the value of all culture and all the works, inspired by the Christian faith. Is not a museum, but as a responsibility, as a lively value we must present our churches, our art, literature and music richness. But we are looking for is not just a sentimental mood, because what we believe is not only nice, but it's true.

And this is the point at which a new Pope Benedict's third encyclical major milestone. Getting the words of the essence of the message states: Caritas in veritate (Charity in truth, 2009th June 29). The love of which the Pope speaks of the courage and generosity resources, it encourages people to work selflessly for the sake of peace and justice. But this dynamic force is ultimately God himself is the source, who is the absolute truth and eternal love (Caritas in veritate 1). And again, everyday kindness and social activities, both in the method we arrive back problem. We return to the field values. The fundamental aspects of human cognition arise. Pope Benedict existence of objective reality and emphasizes the importance of. Traditionally, the entire Catholic teaching that you have to realize the tangible reality, to be adapted from guidelines for our actions, we must also be gleaned from the light of divine revelation. So it's not enough feelings, desires or mere opinions muster because there is a difference between opinion and opinion, could be the difference in terms of truth.

The high shine enciklikákban unfolding papal teaching, részletessé becomes sermons, catechesis and a variety of different papers. In just eight years of papal teaching on faith enriched in almost all areas of the Church. And the Holy Father - Despite advanced age - he continued his predecessor's apostolic trips. World Youth meeting was held in Cologne, Sydney and Madrid as well as last. The Madrid meeting events XVI. Pope Benedict all of the symbols can be. The high level of interest, the bitter and offensive counter-voices, the often scarce external conditions, bad weather and the winds that it shook the liturgical equipment, as the Sea of ​​Galilee Lake storm at the time of St. Peter's ship tossed because even against the wind. And then everything calmed down, and could almost feel the flood of grace because Jesus was there, and here are the church of today. Commanded the wind and the sea, is able to calm the soul and the society of the raging storm. And almost everyone is shocked to Madrid, and returned home in the heart of katarzissal, young and old, laity and bishops alike.

Not only the media, but from across the web and virtual reality, the age we live. Reality, it is not only a tool, but a different way compared to physical reality exists. A virtual sea, there are storms, but Christ's power and influence is everywhere. The storm, the light flooding lecsendesülés and tranquility as well.

Pope Benedict lovingly accompanied the Hungarian people's lives and our church. He knew history. He did not have to explain where you are in Budapest and Hungary. Understanding, pastoral love and said it Sára Salkaházi Meszlényi Zoltan martyrs beatification. A separate message sent to us Arpad St. Elizabeth's birth anniversary. With great expertise and love of the older brother received the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' ad limina visit to the lever. Do not forget about the pastoral needs of Hungarians abroad either. John Scheffler and Bogdánffy Solid martyr bishops also beatification of his name. Has done a lot to the suffering of the past is full of truth in the light of love to melt into the future. One of the most beautiful moments of the Pope when he was great predecessor, II. John Paul was happy in him. His personal issue for ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue as well.

When this year on February 11, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the World Day of the patients reported the resignation of the words of humility, faith and love for penetrated. If II. Pope John Paul II made by a witness to the last days of suffering is shared with the Church and to the world, Pope definite step in the believer's eyes were watching old age and deteriorating health. Our life with two big reality of today, more and more people to meet and fight.
We give thanks to Christ, the Church, the head and shepherd of, Pope Benedict for service and ask for the help of the Virgin Mary, the Church, his mother, and St. Peter and Paul, Apostles intercession, that our church still clear light radiates the light of Christ to the whole world. Amen